Personal Message

My name is Sonika Menon and I am the founder of The Birthday Giving Program, a 501c3 organization. My cousin, Rinna Talwar, is the founder of the Senior Citizen Division. We decided to start this program to help those who aren't able to afford a family member’s birthday. While watching our own parents go all out on our birthdays, we realized that there are many who are less fortunate than us. Through this program, we found out that we could make a difference one person at a time.    

We serve children, teenagers, mentally/physically challenged adults, and senior citizens. Teenagers and adults are neglected by many other charities because they are harder to provide for, but The Birthday Giving Program has decided to take on this challenge. Our program currently supports the northwest suburbs in Chicago, Illinois.    

These birthday bags are able to teach children the importance of giving to others. Adults receive the privilege of knowing that people love and care for them no matter what challenges they face. Eventually, both children and adults realize their potential to have an impact on the lives of others.    

For a single parent, the cost of a birthday can prove to be burdensome. Birthdays can prove to play a significant role in a child and adult’s life. They give children and adults the confidence, respect, and love they need to commemorate their existence in the world.   

I am going into 10th grade this year. In high school, I am planning to create a club to help recruit more volunteers. Rinna Talwar is going into 9th grade and is hoping to bring The Birthday Giving Program to her school through Student Council. After consulting with directors of various organizations, The Birthday Giving Program expanded to provide achievement parties as well as welcome boxes while still continuing the birthday giving concept. Our goal is to provide for as many people as possible and the sky's the limit!      

Our Mission

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Helping Others

The Birthday Giving Program's mission is to provide birthday bags and to celebrate children, adults, and senior citizens affected by poverty, addiction, abuse, violence, physical/mental challenges, old age, and loneliness. Our organization is a celebration of the uniqueness of each individual and we use every interaction to make them feel special, by commemorating their special day with the love, respect, and dignity they deserve. 


Having Fun

Our program offers presents to children and adults. Whether it's for their birthday, to award them, or to welcome them to a new area, individuals are guaranteed to enjoy the contents of each present.